The objective of this organization is to:​


  • Provide a non-political forum to bring together the widely scattered community of people of Malayalee/Kerala origin and strengthen the common bonds of culture, tradition, and way of life.

  • Open up new possibilities for economic, political, and social growth and organize an international network of Malayalees of different age groups to constantly communicate, share, and update their knowledge base.

  • Facilitate a dynamic link between the Malayalee experience, expertise, and entrepreneurship for the Malayalee Community at large and the Kerala State in particular.

  • Seek out and recognize Malayalee talents, skills, and intelligence on a global level and mobilize them for the enhancement of professional development, career advancement, and technological breakthrough.

  • Create opportunities for the Malayalee community to engage in advocacy and charity to address the current needs of the community. 

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“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful." 

– Mother Teresa

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