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WMC Pennsylvania Province is the newest addition to the World Malayalee Council, inaugurated on August 9, 2020, by the chief guest Mr. G. Alexander IAS. Our mission and vision are in conjunction with that of the WMC Global providing worldwide connectivity, fostering friendship and fellowship among Malayalees across the globe with several platforms designated for training, empowerment, service, support, and charity.
The charter of the organization recognizes the revolutionary transformation taking place at a global level as a result of quantum leaps in technology. At different organizational levels, suitable and committed persons with vision and integrity are elected. WMC Pennsylvania will be responsive to the needs of the diverse multi-racial geographical milieu in which Malayalees move about. This organization with a global network will provide opportunities and capabilities for people of all age groups to provide leadership and service to the community that they live in and to the motherland Kerala/India. WMC Pennsylvania will also give special emphasis to the development of the new generation Malayalees who may feel cultural and social isolation in their move to a new country.

Our Mission

World Malayalee Council works closely with the people of Kerala origin across the globe to bolster their cultural, artistic, and social uniqueness and give resilience and understanding of different cultures with whom they co-exist and interact. WMC effectively promotes the empowerment and recognition of the community through innovative programs, projects and institutions for a productive and sustainable future. WMC is a movement of Malayalees propagating change in the attitude of a Malayali to make them better human beings and demand the members to ask themselves:

❖ Are you willing to help others?
❖ Are you concerned about the poor and the needy?
❖ Are you honest and trustworthy?
❖ Are you fair and impartial?
❖ Will you build friendship and good will?
Our Mission

Our Vision

World Malayalee Council aims at creating a dynamic link between the Malayalee Diaspora and Malayalees living in Kerala to enhance and empower the social capital of the community, instilling the core values of diversity and excellence.

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