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Dr. Anoop A.V

Dear Friends,
Greetings and Good Wishes!

World Malayalee Council has been an integral part of a various initiatives that work towards the positive framework of developing the society in a meaningful way and the recently concluded WMC Global Conference at New Jersey witnessed the support from every member of WMC from around the world. I was delighted to attend the WMC Global Conference that has been meticulously planned and executed to perfections in each of the areas – Venue, Accommodation, Transportation, Reception and the flow of events. The initiation and progress of various projects added with the unanimous decision without any prejudice to elect the new global team has been heartening and showed the positive energy to progress with heart that has only one word “Love”. My best wishes to the team and each of our members to explore and contribute to reap results that make all of us proud.

Kerala witnessed nature’s fury with unprecedented rains followed by landslide and flood that shook the entire state with damages that will take so much time to heal with a heavy financial loss to many. We had the opportunity to present a skit during the global conference with the belief that every one irrespective of status, religion in the society has come forward to contribute to an effort to reconstruct families who have lost lives, house and other belongings in a Janmaithri police station settings. The applause and appreciation received from the members was heartening. The pledge and contributions by our members has been over whelming and I believe the same will reach the deserving citizens but at the same time request more contributions from all our members. Environment and its society has been the underlining focus of starting this noble organization WMC and we have the opportunity to work in hand for various initiations that requires large amount of time and energy for normalizing this environment catastrophe with the citizens and the government.

Mr. A.V Anoop
Global Chairman.

I am glad to share the representation we have made in Loka Kerala Sabha with my participation in standing committee meeting held very recently at Norka Office with regard to subject “Quality and Prospects of Migration”. A subject that requires a well thought process and the implementation will benefit all of us. The recently held Idukki district junior athletic meet 2018 witnessed amazing performance by the athletes from WMC Thomas Mash Sports Academy with the team claiming the top position with maximum points. This is really encouraging and we are getting a step ahead towards achieving our vision to win a gold medal in Olympics. The stage is set for energizing our self to exercise our dream of a society filled with happiness and love. I thank all our members for instilling the belief in the new team and wish the very best.

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